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At Spideo, we believe we have a responsibility, a role to play to inspire new generations. That’s why we’ve

been partnering with Becomtech, a NGO that educates and inspires girls to get familiar with the tech

industry. As part of Jump in Tech, a computer science initiation program organized by our partner, we

were proud to welcome in our offices a group of girls aged 12-17. Our wonder women explained

what we do at Spideo and what it’s like to work in tech. We compiled the most valuable takeaways for

you (only for you).

1) All roads can lead to tech. Ah, we can do literary studies and also science, we don’t have to

choose!“. “I did not think there were so many different jobs in the same company“. The girls we welcomed

discovered the depth of jobs you can find in the tech industry. They got to talk to six women working

at Spideo, in Engineering, IT, Business Development, Product and Design. All of them come from different

backgrounds and many have been through non-linear career paths leading to Spideo. We pointed out that

no career is set in stone: it’s ok to try a path and switch after a while for a new adventure!

Becomtech girls interviewing Spideo's VP of Engineering

2) Look out: new generations have ambition!Can you share advice to have a successful career?” Many

were curious about our paths and looking for insights. As Romy, Business Development Executive at

Spideo, put it: “Actually, there’s no secret answer. You just have to understand what you like to do, think

about your strengths and choose a job where you know you can kick ass!

3) Addressing different types of user segments is crucial when designing personalization

features. Young generations identify and expect recommendations more than you may think. During

the presentation and workshops we did together, the girls showed high interest in recommender systems.

They were already very familiar with them and knew how crucial relevancy is when recommending

specific content such as movies, books or podcasts. Actually, they’re a “tough crowd”. Using collaborative

filtering approaches on them and pushing popular content without identifying their specific tastes

would not go unnoticed. They have unique tastes and we’re here to help adapt to it!

4) These girls care about transparency as much as we do. Most of the girls we met don’t use Facebook

but Instagram and Snapchat only, because they realized Facebook’s algorithm pushes content they

don’t want to see on their feed. “It’s very obscure”, one said. We can’t agree more with them: transparency

has been at the heart of Spideo from the very beginning. We believe emotions can’t be understood

by a black box algorithm.

5) As a tech company, standing for gender equality means a lot. Only 17% of tech jobs are held by women in

France1 (20% in the US)2… it’s not enough! Meeting this group of young girls gave us hope that things will

change in the years to come. Here at Spideo, 46% of all employees are women. Women represent ⅓ of

the developers and 4 out of 5 managers.

We want to thank Becomtech for their significant work in bringing more equality into the (tech) world and

opening our minds with powerful volunteer experiences like Jump in Tech. You are doing an amazing job and

we are thankful to be a part of your adventure. We wish these girls the very best and look forward to having

them shape the future of tech!

1Où sont les femmes de la tech française ?“, Maddyness, March 8, 2018,

2 Shubhomita Bose, “Only 20% of Tech Jobs are Held by Women, How About at Your Business?”,

Small Business Trends, December 26, 2018



Have you got your boarding pass ready? Did you book your hotel? Spideo will be present at IBC in

13-17 September 2019 and we have some breakthrough news. Come find us in Hall 14, Booth B.04

where our team will be showcasing

User Semantic Fingerprint™ – a new proprietary technology, exclusive to Spideo, allowing you to know

your users interactions while respecting their privacy.

New Customer Dashboard – You want to know what moods and trends your users are most interested in?

What CTR and conversion rate our tools can provide? What business rules you can create? We have

developed a new customer dashboard where you and your team can easily see what is happening and

extract valuable data.

Rumo by Spideo – Can’t spend heavily on a recommender system? Then Rumo is the solution for creative

industries of all sizes, has the right pricing plan for you. Using Spideo’s technology and nine years of

experience, we are launching a SaaS platform that allows creative content platforms to serve quality

recommendations at scale.

Recommendation is the way to fight churn, let us explain how with this business case where you will find out

how we have helped a customer recommend what matters. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at IBC so let’s meet! 


Alternatively, you can send us an email to .

See you at IBC!



It was that time of the year again when a small town in the south of France becomes the center of the cinematic
world and this year Spideo went in full force! Sprawling around the movie theaters of the Croisette, climbing
many red steps and doing what we love: discovering dozens of unique cinematographic artworks, adding even
more knowledge to our unique thesaurus of the “septième art” and connecting cinema to technology and
data. You weren’t there? Don’t worry. We have compiled our best of the 72nd edition of the Festival de Cannes.

A strong out of competition schedule

Cannes is not just about winning prizes, and we were very pleasantly surprised to see great movies screened
out of competition: “For Sama” (Waad al Kateab & Edward Watts), “La belle époque” (Nicolas Bedos) or
“The Gangster, The Cop And The Devil” (Lee Won-Tae). These movies are all totally different from one another but
they each managed to powerfully impress us. 

Animated movies, the reality through the unreal

Beyond live action movies, some animated artworks managed to touch our hearts more than human ones  could.
We felt the same powerful and sad energy in “Les hirondelles de Kaboul” (Zabou Breitman, Eléa Gobbé-Mévellec)
and “J’ai perdu mon corps” (Jérémy Clapin) as in “Waltz with Bashir” (Ari Folman, 2008) both chosen in different
selections, Un Certain Regard and Semaine de la Critique.

The magic of cinema in alternative competitions

Alongside animated movies, we were thrilled by other titles. The very low budget “Tu mérites un amour” (Hafsia Herzi)
has pleasantly surprised us at the International Critics’ Week. Other beautifully produced films, such as
“Port Authority” (Danielle Lessovitz), or “The Climb” (Michael Angelo Covino), who won the jury crush prize
were screened at the Un Certain Regard competition. We had the pleasure to also watch the winner of the
Un Certain Regard category, “The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao” (Karim Aïnouz). This is  a beautiful film that we
urge you watch. Finally, at the Directors’ Fortnight we saw other good movies, including Lech Kowalski’s documentary
“On va tout péter” (“Blow It to Bits”) and the mysterious, syncretic “Zombi Child” (Bertrand Bonello). 

French Touch

Bertrand Bonello was not the only french director at Cannes. We were thrilled to see the masterful directing of

Arnaud Desplechin for “Roubaix, une lumière” in the official selection or the comeback of Claude Lelouch’s 50 year old
love story in “Les plus belles années d’une vie”, the latter being screened out of competition. Other french directors
competing for the Palme d’Or were the newcomer Ladj Ly with his social fresque “Les Misérables”, winning the Jury
Prize, and Céline Sciamma’s “Portrait de la jeune fille en feu”, winner of the Best Screenplay Award. 

A cavalcade of directors

Some names are a Cannes staple. This year, we were happy to see many great film auteurs presenting a movie,
such as Pedro Almodovar at his 6th Palme d’Or nomination with the very personal fiction “Dolor y Gloria”.
Climbing the red steps with some of the greatest names in cinema industry such as Ken Loach with
Sorry We Missed You”, Marco Bellocchio with “Il Traditore”, the Dardenne Brothers with “Le jeune Ahmed”
and Xavier Dolan’s newest movie, “Matthias & Maxime” we could not hide our excitement, and that is what’s
so unique about Cannes. 

The awards

Needless to say, the suspense was at its peak when Alejandro González Iñárritu, the jury president,
announced the winners of the competition. We were pleasantly surprised to see Mati Diop win the Grand Prize
of the Jury for “Atlantique” while Emily Beecham and Antonio Banderas were rewarded with an interpretation
prize for their role in, “Little Joe” (Jessica Hausner) and “Dolor y Gloria” (Pedro Almodovar). Finally, the Palme d’or 
went to Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite”, a unanimous choice for the jury and for our team. The movie is a masterful
piece of art, and we enjoyed watching every bit of it in the Grand Théâtre Lumière. 

Last but not least : Let’s talk business 

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Cannes is all about the Marché du Film. We caught up with some of the most exciting
platforms, delivering amazing products. While the talent was abundant all over the place, we have selected a few
that really caught our eye:

Outbuster – a niche platform offering content buzzing on social media but never distributed on the traditional rails
NutAlone – a marketplace allowing copyright holders to upload distribute and monetize their content seamlessly
Cinezen – a TV/VOD blockchain platform allowing users to become curators and rewarded for it
Filmdoo – TV/VOD platform offering a great catalog of full-length films from all corners of the globe

T-Port – The B2B platform specialized in student films and short films from filmmakers

PlayPilot – They want to be the Spotify for video and we see a lot of potential there!

WatchaPlay – The Korean platform that has seduced all of Hollywood’s major studios

Along with great companies showcasing, we have also thoroughly enjoyed witnessing great conferences about
the industry’s tech evolution:  

• Leading your movie to success with big data and audience incentivization

Powered by major content platform from Korea, Contents Protocol collects data from various platforms and
provides data analysis on how films can perform better.

• 10 PROFILES OF ‘CINEMA LOVERS’ AUDIENCES (and how to approach them)

The Film Agency has identified, researched and  studied 10 key audience archetypes that are often interested
in independent cinema, regardless their country of origin.

What filmmakers need to know about working with online platforms?

• Visionaries – ihuman ‘work in progress’: Articifial intelligence – facing a new world order 

How humanity can maximize the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, while containing its negative impact?


Julie BRILL, Vice President, Microsoft

Věra Jourová,  European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality

Paul Nemitz, Principal Advisor, European Commission

Irakli Beridze,  Head of AI, United Nations

Tonje Hessen Schei, Director, iHuman

• Media meet Tech

A one day showcase and networking summit for European Mediatech startups, accelerators & incubators,
investors, and the global film & entertainment industry professionals

Finally, The American Pavillon hosted an event on “Artificial intelligence, Big data and the film industry”
to address the importance of data and how it can help in the life-cycle of a movie from creation to distribution.

The quotes we’ll remember: 

“The people who are embracing AI are the ones who aren’t scared of it, and we shouldn’t be. AI is meant to empower,
not replace.” – Angel Montesdeoca 

“It’s a definitive challenge to introduce technology into a creative space… it definitely is more so embraced, at this point,
on the marketing side.” – @MarkBessen on AI in the film industry

To sum it all up, the Cannes Film Festival reminded us why we love cinema and creative industries. Cannes connects
the movie industry for two beautiful weeks. At Spideo, we make sure that we keep being on the forefront of
making personalization for the seventh art, elegant and natural.  


Event, White papers

Why would 5G and analog film archives be together in the same phrase?

Our very own integration engineer Paulo Henrique together with Prof. Jose Maria Pereira Lopes have studied how
we can save these Unesco worthy heritage using 5G’s technological power. They co-wrote a scientific article called
“Service Orchestration for Film Preservation Over 5G”, which is now published on the Journal of ICT Standardization.

After all, films are stories we tell, fantasies we build and creative genius at work and 5G the highway we can use
to spread them.

You can find the full study here:

Paulo Rufino Henrique and Prof. Jose Maria Pereira Lopes
Paulo Rufino Henrique and Prof. Jose Maria Pereira Lopes



On March 7th 2019, TF1 hosted the highly anticipated Paris Video Tech meetup, and our VP
Engineering Randa Zarkik took the floor to speak about recommender systems, sharing
the stage with Manuel Bergerot, Senior Sales Director EMEA at Nice People at Work.

Nice People at Work and Spideo have been partners for years, combining both companies’
expertise to deliver the best insights on users, their video consumption, and prevent churn.

Last time we joined forces, we organized a webinar on the subject: “Counter churn by
understanding users’ internal motivations”.

This time, we unveiled ways to use data and help subscription-based video platforms
convert freemium and trial users into premium subscribers and engaged users.

Randa gave exclusive insights on the different approaches to recommendation
focusing on the the importance of data within content-based approaches. She showed
how Spideo is using data to build trust with our customers’ users, acting as the opposite of
a black box algorithm, and providing them with a fully transparent personalization

In a nutshell: Explanations might matter more than predictions” by Xavier Amatatrian
(slide 69).

Manuel pursued by presenting engagement metrics that they track, allowing to
understand additional churn factors such as quality, relevancy of catalog etc.

In a nutshell: “Keeping a customer happy is cheaper than gaining a new one”

Paris Video Tech organized a great event where professionals of all the online video
community gathered to exchange about the industry!  We would also like to thank Nice
People at Work for being a great, supportive and complementary partner. And, last but
not least, an important point; Randa was the first woman speaker at the Paris Video Tech.
When that happens the day before International Women’s Day, or any other day, we have
nothing but positives to say about it.

Are you looking for the next generation of GDPR-friendly personalization solutions for
your video, VOD, OTT, platform?

Contact us now to schedule a meeting and be shown a demo on how Spideo can improve
your recommendations.  

We would love to hear from you:
Randa Zarkik: /
Sarah Rashidian:

*Comment utiliser au mieux la data dans la vidéo ?



2018 was an exciting year for Spideo. We started sharing our vision of the future around trust with

our customers and partners, transparency towards end users and their recommendations and

control provided by our business rules.

Looking back at 2018 we:

– added strong partnerships to our portfolio
– strengthened our relationships with existing and new customers
– developed an extensive array of business rules and product features

Whether you are looking for personalization tools, enhanced metadata, automated video

analysis, voice discovery, content management solutions, editorial interfaces, analytics or

performance metrics; Spideo and our trusted partners are here to help!

Our goal for 2019 is to launch our SaaS platform and provide tools to all creative industries to

implement personalization at the core of the product experience. Whether through self service tools

or by using Spideo’s knowledge-based metadata and professional services to enrich your content

and increase engagement. 

We wish all our customers and partners a successful 2019 and thank you for your ongoing support

in 2018!

Kind regards,

the Spideo team

Spideo team in full effect during our annual Christmas party



Our COO and co-founder of Spideo, Thibault D’Orso, was a speaker at NexTV Series CEE & DACH
which took place in Berlin on November 29-30th. He took part in the panel: “D2C Video on Demand
Challenges” alongside Martin Simka – Product and Project Manager at Showmax and Claire Hunter
Gregson – Commercial Director at Hopster. The main problem raised by the panel was:

“How are the newly launched players aiming at strengthening their position in a complex and
fast-moving market?”

Generally speaking, personalization and recommendation were very hot topics during these two days.
Other panelists such as Krzysztof Kaczurba – Director of Development Strategy at Orange Poland,
Karl Anton – TV & Multimedia Area Manager at Telia Estonia and Maciej Gozdowski – Managing
Director at Player PL pointed out that their main challenge today lies with personalization and finding
the best way to highlight, curate and promote content for their users.

As a personalization specialist, Thibault’s intervention was very timely and we wanted to share the
highlights here:

When personalization is represented by the simplistic “Recommended for you” or “Other customers
also bought”, it will be followed by dissatisfaction and frustration by users and operators.
Instead of comparing users with other users and clustering them into a rigid category that they
most likely will not relate to, we address each user taking into account their uniqueness and
identifying their very own complex and rich profile. For Spideo, an optimal personalization
experience resembles a human dialogue with the user.

In this dialogue, the users’ tastes and interests must be identified and named in order to explain
each recommendation. The effort put into explaining the origin of a recommendation betters
the engagement with content. Spideo’s main focus as a company has always been and will always
be to provide the users with three main key elements: TRUST, TRANSPARENCY and CONTROL.

At this stage of the discussion, GDPR had not even been evoked yet. Spideo has always been GDPR-
compliant and now, there is a regulation in Europe protecting users’ data privacy and encouraging
all operators to better their customer relationship. For those who fear that this regulation will
jeopardize personalization, rest assured: it’s a golden opportunity to work together and improve the
user experience, injecting transparency, trust and control at every step of the discovery.

Thank you Dataxis for inviting us to this great conference!

You’re looking for the next generation of GDPR-friendly personalization solutions for your video
platform? Contact us to schedule a meeting and a demo of Spideo.

Contact Thibault D’Orso: / Sarah Rashidian:



Last week, Spideo had the opportunity to participate in the pitch contest of the Reveal & Invest Day. This event taking place in São Paulo was organized

by the São Paulo Tech Week and Business France, the business branch of the French Embassy.

Sarah Rashidian (Head of Business Development at Spideo) gave a killer pitch in front of 300+ people from the industry, investors, operators and curious

people who wanted to hear about the most disruptive projects coming from France and Brazil.

And by decision of the jury, made up of top executives from Embratel, Ericsson and others… the innovation award goes to … SPIDEO !

A great start for our company in Brazil, followed by exciting meetings with the telecom and video industry and ambitious plans to provide our elegant

personalization solutions to key Brazilian players. A local office will open soon both in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


You’re looking for the next generation of personalization solutions for your video platform in Brazil or LatAm?

Contact us to schedule a meeting and a demo of Spideo

Contact Sarah Rashidian:

Sneak peak from the pitch: Spideo = “Um Toque humano, na era digital” 
(“A human touch in the digital world”)



Business, Event
NPAW and Spideo announce their integration to boost targeted content promotion and optimized editorial decisions that build engaging video experiences. 

NPAW and Spideo’s technologies will help boost content discovery and recommendation as well as user monetization for OTTs, telcos, broadcasters and media companies in real time. Enriched content metadata combined with in-depth, descriptive and predictive user behavior analytics and precise segmentation capabilities will help reduce churn and increase engagement.

NPAW (Nice People At Work) —a global leader in big data and video business intelligence— and Spideo —leading personalization platform— join efforts to help online video services deliver targeted video experiences.

Spideo’s search and recommendation technologies will feed smart content and user metadata to NPAW’s predictive analytics solution, YOUBORA Suite. The integration will provide shared customers with deeper visibility of content performance and user consumption trends allowing to optimize editorial decisions and launch individual actions to promote content to poorly engaged users. Customers will be able to feed their CRM and YOUBORA integrations with third-party marketing solutions to action those data-driven decisions for engagement purposes, but also as a means to counter churn.

YOUBORA has the data to target potential churners, and Spideo has the semantic profile information about these churners that describes tastes and interests to help video services see the content users have interacted with and the preferences they have. This can be used to push new releases of interest.

Spideo will bring User Semantic Profile information into YOUBORA Suite’s database, aiming at combining it with advanced, behavioural and demographic data to create cohorts of users and take personalized, engaging actions. With this integration, shared customers will be able to identify males or females at risk of churn, an age range, a specific region, with a thematic preference for comedy movies, for example. It will allow them to launch a precisely targeted campaign to promote appealing titles to them in order to increase their interest and re-engage those users. Identifying users who are likely to abandon the video service and knowing their user sentiment will also help video services make optimized content acquisition decisions. In the future, the YOUBORA-SPIDEO integration will also help detect preferences of those identified as critical churners to explore causes of lower engagement, beyond video performance issues, and assess content catalogue relevancy and strategy.

Content performance analytics help to answer more high-level questions like: What type of content is most interacted with and compared to the entire catalog? What percentage does this represent? What is the “most watched” content versus “most recommended”? Are recommendations paying off or do we need to use business rules to improve the output and engagement by boosting certain content? By combining content performance insights with precisely segmented groups, content providers are able to target the individual users when it comes to taking action.

And whilst advanced content discovery and searchability, alongside content packaging, are key elements to create such hyper customized experiences, user behavior insights will also help build engaging UX and pricing plans for further engagement.  

“YOUBORA Analytics provides an outstanding variety of tools and indicators to monitor the Quality of Experience. We’ve been working closely with the NPAW teams to enhance the YOUBORA dashboards with the Spideo Personalization APIs and User Intelligence. YOUBORA dashboards combined with the Spideo User Semantic Profiles provide unparalleled capabilities for video operators to counter churn and optimize usage,” said Thibault D’Orso, COO at Spideo.

“Building an appealing content catalogue, as well as efficient and personalized content discovery strategies is one of the key pillars to ensure success for growing video services.” said Lucas Bernat, VP of Product at NPAW. “While some products may be able to point you in the right direction, this partnership with Spideo means more relevant content with a stronger surefire strategy behind it.”

First published on the NPAW newsroom here.

NPAW (14.H11) and Spideo (14.B04) will be showcasing their joint solution at IBC!


Are you looking for ways to engage users with the data we collect about them in a fun experience? Or use a serendipity feature to surprise them? Looking forward to showing you this & more at IBC 2018!

Have you booked a meeting with Sarah from Spideo’s sales team yet? Please reach out to her and the team to try our demo’s: We will showcase some fantastic features to increase your user engagement! Find us in Hall 14, B.04