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Content & User Metrics

Enhance your content strategy and increase revenue 

Traditional analytics platform don’t always allow to take efficient targeted actions. The Spideo Analytics tools fed with our semantic metadata gives a meaningful feedback with clear conclusions to draw.

Providing the best discovery and recommendation experience to your users is core to your business. Getting to know them through their history, preferences, tastes, watching behaviors and interests helps enhance your product and increase revenue. Spideo offers data mining expertise combined with cutting edge semantic technologies for your users and your business needs.

Performance tracking

Spideo’s semantic recommendation help increase your platform’s four main performance indicators : Transformation rate : the ability of recommendation to lead the users to watch content Content Exposure : the more relevant the recommendation is the more the pourcentage of content in your catalog that is never watched diminishes Engagement rate : the ability of recommendation to lead users to interact with content Conversion rate : how recommendation drives users from a free content to a premium content

With Spideo’s performance indicators, keep track of user satisfaction and recommendation transformation rates. Spideo helps you monitor your catalog’s performance and delivers tools to optimize you content acquisition strategy.

Content discoverability indicators

How do audiences find content among hundreds of channels and thousands of on-demand videos?

With Spideo’s content discoverability dashboard you can monitor the distribution of recommendations in your catalog and list the top recommended movies and programs depending on the day, time and user segmentations.

Viewing trends

Our viewing trends are a very efficient way to prevent churn. They help you answer the following questions :

What is trending in the viewing behavior of your users? What are users’ moods depending on the day and time? What types of content are popular, when and why?

Spideo’s viewing trends gives video operators real-time back office tools to match their editorial communications with users’ activity.