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Mood-Based Discovery

What are you in the mood for?

Recommendation engines are facing crucial challenges:

Cold Start situations: How can we recommend movies to viewer’s who are using the service for the first time?

Discovery Spiral: How can we help users escape from their past viewing habits?

Spideo found the most intuitive solution: ask users what they are in the mood for. Spideo’s mood-based discovery helps by offering undecided TV watchers a customized board of wishes to discover content that will best match their mood, across linear TV, catch-up TV and video-on-demand.

Mood board

The Mood board delivers recommendations based on an immediate and specific mood:

> Select keywords and wishes

> Combine them as desired

> Get prioritized and personalized lists of the most mood-relevant content.

Mood linking

The Spideo mood linking system provides content-to-content recommendations based on a given mood or a combination of moods. In every movie or TV show page, this module displays the relevant corresponding moods and wishes to be displayed, selected and combined by users to discover new content matching their mood.