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Related Content

What are you in the mood for?

Spideo’s content-to-content approach offers two ways to discover content:

– We draw users towards titles which evoke emotions, concepts, and audiovisual experiences that are similar to the content they like.– We recommend content that are thematically linked to the original title in order to open up new horizons.

Similar content

Spideo maps content and creates content data fingerprints in order to provide connections between movies and TV shows sharing the most common features among all available titles.

Thematic linking

Instead of putting people in categories and assuming everyone is the same, Spideo acknowledges that:

– Every content has many different facets,

– The reasons to like a content are different from one person to another.

So, more than a list of « similar » content, we also recommend using thematic lists of movies and TV shows.

Each list corresponds to one aspect of the main content.

The Spideo thematic linking system provides suggestions of related programs according to a relevant combination of themes. On every movie or TV show page, this module displays the relevant corresponding themes to be displayed, selected and combined by users to discover new content they’re interested in.